Online games have come a long way in recent years and a perfect example is a game known simply as Cubefield. While at one time there were only a handful or relatively low-quality flash games to play, we now can encounter literally thousands of these games with the click of a button.

With such a diversity, there are naturally some games which are more enjoyable than others. Although some flash games rely on sophisticated plot lines or action-packed top-down shooting strategies, Cubefield can give us a unique look at how far 3D games have come.

The strategy behind the game is simple; one must navigate his or her cursor through a 3D field of multicoloured blocks. Does this sound perhaps a bit boring? It may at first, but as the levels progress, the block become harder to negotiate. Not only this, but the colours and patterns change over time, as does the speed by which the blocks pass the cursor. For these reasons, what appears to be a rather monotonous game is actually intriguing and highly addictive. However, what are the other reasons that Cubefield is as entrancing as it appears to be?


Cubefield relies on a more basic concept of visual stimulation.

Primarily, this game requires fast hand-eye coordination. Games like Cubefield demand little logical reasoning but instead success lies in the ability to react quickly. Therefore, Cubefield can be played while one is speaking on the phone or listening to his or her favourite songs. This convenience greatly adds to the quality of gameplay. Also, the graphics are not complicated as in some other highly ornate flash games. Therefore, Cubefield can be played full screen without a loss in quality nor any buffering problems.

So, while many companies seek to utilise fancy graphics, intriguing plots and one-of-a-kind sound effects, Cubefield relies on the more basic concept of visual stimulation. If we then add the powerful 3D aspect of this game into the mix, what we find is a synergy of sight and excitement. Although highly-detailed graphics may be the way of the future, there will always be room for games like Cubefield in the world of flash games.

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