3D game

Those who say that a 3d game or games in general, are just a waste of time couldn’t be more wrong. There are many advantages to playing certain online 3D games. Games are well known for increasing multitasking ability. In addition, a 3D game can help exercise your brain with problem solving skills and quick reaction time. Many people are beginning to see the advantages of online flash games and are beginning to spend more time devoted to gaming online. Whether you simply want to relax and have a bit of fun or you want to exercise your brain in a seamless manner, there are all sorts of 3d games for your needs.


3D game

A 3D game can help exercise your brain with problem solving skills and quick reaction time.

Cubefield is a fairly popular 3D game that helps train your perception and improves your reaction time. It’s a devilishly fun flash game with simple controls: left and right. Basically, you simply guide a ship through an endless barrage of cubes. If you’re ship is hit by a cube, game over. The speed continues to increase in order to challenge and thrill. Get online and try it out to see how far you can get in the 3D game. What’s your high score?

Online games can be a great pass time for those who wish to get their mind off of something stressful, or pass the time. The 3D game “Jail Escape” is a great strategy game that gets your mind into shape. The title should tell you all you need to know about the game. Another 3D game that will feed your brain is “Roadies”. It’s simple, yet challenging enough to keep you entertained, just get the roadies to the gig! The next 3D game is “Big Tree Defence”. All you have to do is defend your planet from a barrage of invading insects.

There are so many more online strategy games to choose from as the online 3D game world grows. So if you are bored and would like a brainteaser, then an online strategy game is a great entertaining start. It provides everything from entertainment/challenges to getting your mind stimulated. Don’t forget to research other online 3D games that are readily available on the click of a mouse.

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