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The computer game has become an indelible part of our generation. Some of us may still remember the early days in the 1970’s and 1980’s; perhaps recalling a captivating match of Pong or Pac-Man. What is interesting to note is not only does the computer game represent a cultural icon and a massive technological progression, but the momentum of these platforms directly correlates with the advancement of computing power that has taken the world by storm in the last twenty years.

Retro computer game characters

The computer game began with rather humble beginnings.

The computer game began with rather humble beginnings. In fact, some experts in the field of gaming predicted that these games would never supersede the power of the then-popular arcade gaming arena. Nonetheless, as personal computers became affordable to the average household, the computer game quickly followed. Naturally, the first games were comparatively simple to those of today. Their monochromatic colour schemes and spartan graphics left much to be desired, but the public was intrigued by the possibilities for the future. Twenty-five years later, the future has now arrived.

The modern-day computer game represents the aggregate knowledge of decades; their graphical design and near real-life gameplay reflecting the massive leap forward that the information revolution has provided. Once thought of as a myth, the 3D game is now very much a reality. Additionally, due to the fact that computers have far more memory capacity than traditional standalone gaming systems, PC games far surpass other home entertainment systems in regards to their processing power and frames-per-second of play.

However, the computer game has spread far beyond merely inserting a CD into an operating system. Many games can now be played online with little or no buffering required. This is due to the ability for most of us to have access to high bandwidth capacities. In turn, the flash game has become exceedingly popular with the internet community. These games are fun, entertaining and there are literally thousands of different games to choose from.

Indeed, the computer game has come a long way from the embryonic days of pong, and this growth is expected to gain in pace in the years to come.

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