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Computer game

The computer game has become an indelible part of our generation. Some of us may still remember the early days in the 1970’s and 1980’s; perhaps recalling a captivating match of Pong or Pac-Man. What is interesting to note is not only does the computer game represent a cultural icon and a massive technological progression, but the momentum of these platforms directly correlates with the advancement of computing power that has taken the world by storm in the last twenty years.

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Online games have come a long way in recent years and a perfect example is a game known simply as Cubefield. While at one time there were only a handful or relatively low-quality flash games to play, we now can encounter literally thousands of these games with the click of a button.

With such a diversity, there are naturally some games which are more enjoyable than others. Although some flash games rely on sophisticated plot lines or action-packed top-down shooting strategies, Cubefield can give us a unique look at how far 3D games have come.

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